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eSignR stands for confidential digital signing

With the digital signature software eSignR you can accelerate your signature and approval processes sustainably. Benefit from the advantages of digitalisation and do not compromise on security. Documents signed with eSignR are 100% equivalent to a handwritten signature according to Swiss (ZertES) and European law (eIDAS). Thanks to a signature process that deliberately avoids uploading your confidential documents to a cloud, you preserve your own privacy as well as that of your partners and customers. With eSignR you avoid any risk.

Only with eSignR:

  • Legally valid digital signature for European & Swiss legal area
  • Maximum evidential value through QES status
  • Signature solution with highest security requirements

All eSignR features

Individual signature templates

Create an unlimited number of personal signature templates.

PDF selection via Drag & Drop

The eSignR software is easy and quick to use.

Additional PDF Pages

Attach additional PDF pages such as general terms and conditions.

Invoice and usage overview

Conveniently download your invoice receipts and usage history.

Two-factor authentication

For added security, eSignR uses the 2FA of the Mobile ID app.

Electronic Certificates

Neu: Swiss notaries can sign documents and immediately provide them with a confirmation of approval.

Highest signature status

All eSignatures generated with eSignR are qualified electronic signatures (QES).

PDF/A standard verification

This ensures that the document complies with the PDF/A-1a, -2a, -2b, -2u, -3a, -3b or -3u standard.

The digital signature allows economical and ecological digital processes. Since I can also sign without the document leaving my laptop, I can take my clients' needs for data protection seriously.

Stephan Amann, CEO fence IT AG

How does eSignR work?

With eSignR you can sign your documents digitally and legally valid according to European and Swiss law within a very short time. Get a deeper insight into the technical background of the signature solution.

1. Load Document

Load your ready-to-sign PDF document into the eSignR software.

2. Sign digitally

Conveniently confirm the signature on your mobile phone using Mobile ID.

3. Save Document

Store your legally signed document on your device.

Learn from the graphic below how we can guarantee our promise “with eSignR, your confidential documents never leave your own device”, to our users. This is a simplified representation of the process a document that is signed with eSignR goes through:


1) Prerequisite: Identification at official registration point.
2) Registration in the eSignR portal and installation of the software
3) Load PDF document into eSignR software
4) eSignR software generates hash value of document
5) Hash value of document to be signed is sent to Certificate Service Provider
6) The Certificate Service Provider now requests the user’s declaration of intent.
7) The user accepts it via two-factor authentication in the Mobile ID App.
8) A digital signature with a timestamp is generated for the hash value.
9) eSignR retrieves the signature from the Certificate Service Provider
10) eSignR embeds this signature in the PDF document

Integrate eSignR into existing workflows

Do you need to integrate the digital signature into existing system landscapes? There are numerous ways to customise and integrate eSignR. Contact us for expert advice.

We will be happy to implement offers for you on request:

  • On-Premises installations
  • SaaS solutions
  • Individual software adaptations
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On-Premises Solutions

You want full control over your data? In addition to our standard solution, two On-Premises options are available to you.

Save time, money & paper with eSignR


Save valuable time with eSignR. You don't have to print out a document to sign it.


Save on expensive registered letter fees, postage and staff costs.


Eliminate print cartridges, paper and tedious media breaks thanks to eSignR.

Endless possibilities

You can digitise private contracts as well as internal company signature processes: Internally between departments and colleagues, but also externally to customers and business partners. Since eSignR only uses qualified electronic signatures, all signatures are legally binding and enforceable.

  • Employment contracts
  • Quotations and offers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Partner contracts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Notices of termination
  • Mandate agreements
  • Submissions to authorities
  • Testimonials
  • Short-time work contracts
  • Orders
  • Repair orders
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Contracts for work and services
  • Purchase and leasing agreements
  • Franchise & distribution agreements
  • Applications
  • European Contracts
  • Transport contracts
  • Policies
  • Insurance applications
  • Balance sheet & annual accounts
  • Audit certificates
  • Client contracts
  • Commission contracts
  • Release statements
  • Patient declarations
  • Account openings
  • Declarations of Completeness
  • Treatment contracts
  • Application for building premiums
  • Rental agreements
  • Deposits
  • Fee agreements
  • Handover protocols
  • Brokerage contracts

Retain your data sovereignty

Certified Swiss data centresCertified Swiss data centres

Certified Swiss data centres

The eSignR infrastructure is operated by our ISO 27001 certified sister company fence IT AG. All data is transmitted using the highest encryption standards and are processed in Switzerland.

swiss made software and swiss hostingswiss made software and swiss hosting

swiss made software and swiss hosting

eSignR bears the label Swiss made software and Swiss hosting. It stands for quality, reliability and precision in software development. You can find more information at: www.swissmadesoftware.org

On-Premise HostingOn-Premise Hosting

On-Premise Hosting

We offer our customers the possibility to install and run eSignR on their own servers. Contact us for more information.

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