Troubleshooting for SerialNumber Mismatch

Background information

Your identification with Swisscom is linked to your Mobile ID, which is located in the Mobile ID app on your mobile phone. If you want to start using a new mobile phone, you must transfer your Mobile ID to the new mobile phone. The Mobile ID is transferred using the so-called recovery code. So if you install the Mobile ID app on a new mobile phone and activate the Mobile ID there without using the recovery code, you create a new Mobile ID. This new Mobile ID has no connection to your identification with Swisscom.

You can check in advance at whether everything is OK with your identification and Mobile ID.

If you encounter this error message, there is no alternative but to repeat the identification process with Swisscom.

Before you identify yourself with Swisscom, you must set up the Mobile ID app. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Install the Mobile ID app on your mobile phone (from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store).
2. Open the app and accept the privacy policy and terms of use
3. Enter your mobile phone number.
4. Enter the code you received by SMS.
5. You will be asked if you have a recovery code. Click on “I want to continue without a recovery code”.
6. A recovery code is displayed. IMPORTANT: Make a note of this recovery code and keep the note in a safe place where you can find it again. You will need this recovery code if you need to transfer your Mobile ID to a new mobile phone.

The Mobile ID app has now been successfully set up. The next step is identification with Swisscom. To do this, select one of the methods offered by Swisscom:

As experience has shown that there are often problems with identification in Swisscom shops, we recommend that you check the status of your identification directly on site. To do this, go to, enter your mobile phone number and click on “Check now”. You will then be asked to confirm the verification of your MobileID. If the identification has been carried out correctly, the website will show that you can sign with the QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) in Switzerland and/or the EU.